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A store that provides high quality of fresh & dried fruits, and the most unique herbal  Thyme tea . 

Our aim is to provide people with pure and natural products. Which people should use in their daily lives and lead a healthy life. Our first effort is to provide healthy nutrition to people. We are trying our best to bring everything that grows in the land of Pakistan within your reach. Although it is not easy, we will fulfill this dream of ours. So that we play our role to keep the society healthy.

The freshest fruits and vegetables are brought from the bulk market to our grocery department and then delivered to you with special attention to cleanliness. We are bringing dry vegetables and dry fruits from the clear farms and glaciated upper regions of which Gilgit Baltistan is the top. Dry fruits and vegetables are obtained after going through a long process through various stages. Which doubles his taste. High Organics also have Shilajit, a famous natural thing specially formulated for muscle and joint pain, blood circulation, and other immense benefits.

High Organics usually deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to you in Karachi city within 1 to 1.5 hours. Dry fruits and vegetables are delivered to you in 2-3 days if they are in stock. Otherwise, it takes seven to ten days. We also accept Bulks orders. You can contact us specifically for discounts.

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